All creators face at some point or another the dreaded creative block !
The goal of this small video is to help you surmount this obstacle and come up with orginal, interesting GAME IDEAS !

Here is a summary of the various tips covered during the tutorial :

1 – Random idea generation
2 – Different dimension
3 – Remove some key element of an existing game
4 – Draw pictures
5 – Inspire yourself from the real world

Games showed :

1 – Spelunky XBLA (Mossmouth)
2 – INSIDE (Playdead)
3 – Super Meat Boy (Team Meat)
4 – Dark Souls (From Software)
5 – The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth (NICALIS)
6 – Don’t Starve (Klei Entertainment)
7 – Darkest Dungeon (Red Hook Studio)
8 – Doom 2016 (Id Software)
9 – The Enemies Within (Blackthornprod)


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  1. My first game is live on play store
    Here is the link :

    Please download and play this game. If you like this game.. please share it.. it will helps me to grow..and please please give feedback in app itself.😃😃😃

  2. I had one idea of a 3rd person melee RPG game where you control a female character (important to story's symbolism) and you fight 6 different monsters in search of your missing friend as you help a town.

    But IF you kill the monsters, you progress through the STORY as usual, but absolutely nothing changes or is gainef, no money, no upgrades, no gear, no changes to the town but the minor gratification for a few missions.

    And how you save your friend depends on your choices

  3. I got an idea from the 5th tip… How bout a survival game where the world ends bcoz the earth's gravity shield weakens and the uv rays passes through..

  4. I chose tip #2 and now I'm making a 2D Star Fox game. There is also a 2.5D mode, but that’s optional. It’s a side-scrolling SHMUP equivalent of Star Fox 64. I draw most of the assets in TerminalMontage style with Procreate. Its also going to have multiplayer in the story, where as the original had only a versus mode. The host plays as Fox, and the other players get to pick between Falco, Peppy, and Slippy. Characters not being controlled by someone are replaced with a basic AI. The rest is just translated over from the reference game.

  5. 3 game ideas I've had.

    1, I'm surprised there's been very few games to my limited knowledge that have either hordes of giant insects or more dementedly, miniaturized people so traversing a garden for example is a huge undertaking and insects are massive and dangerous to you as is everything else.

    2. This one would never be made but I find the idea amusing to myself.
    It's an football manager game crossed with alien isolation. the office you work in has a xenomorph in it. You need to work at a desk preparing tactics and stuff for your football team but at any time the xenomorph might come out and start hunting for you meaning you have to find a hiding place. Time to prepare tactics between football matches is time limited so you need to be quick and cunning to have everything ready in time and stay alive.

    3. This idea has been done but it needs to be done more, I'm a big fan of sea exploration games. Subnautuca does it superbly well, gta 5 you could do it a little, but more developers need to take it on.

  6. like me or hate me. Me and my friend are making an Roblox Game, hes scripting and im doing the ideas.Thank you veryy much! 🥺

  7. okay, so i did the 3 words thing and I got: Craft, Thunder, Ring. so maybe you have to survive on an island with endless thunderstorms and find a ring to stop the storm and fight the final boss.

  8. game concept: You play as a torch and have to light your way through a pitch black forest, but every time a level begins and ends, your flame is extinguished, forcing you to play with the environment itself to find fires to light yourself.

  9. I don't have a PC or anything like that. I use a coding app called Tynker on my Ipad and code some "games" using their app.


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