Hot News!!! Hyun Bin will Get Married to Son Ye Jin soon according to some reports ❤️


Hyun Bin in an interview told that He will get Married, When He turns 40, that is His ultimate goal,Hyun Bin also bought an expensive high end condo, which is the same place with Lee Min Ho. According to body language experts, most likely they are in a relationship 😍 Hope they will announce their relationship soon. Fans of BinJin are waiting whether the reports that is spreading in social media will come true. Fans can’t wait to see them get married ❤️
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Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

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  1. Felicidades 👏 me encantan ❤ ellos hacen una muy linda pareja ojalá sea verdad que están juntos 👍😘 saludos desde chile

  2. Is it true???? Hyun bin and soon ye jin will get married??? Wow i hope it's true in real life !or maybe rumors because of decendant of the sun part 2.? Looking forward decendants of the sun part 2 finish filming soon.

  3. If they are meant to be, Hyun bin will court her and be with her, but it's not, until now they have no official statement about their status, so I think nothing is special about them, maybe they like each other but not to the point that they are in love. Look what happened to So Ji Sub, the first time that she saw her wife now, in an interview before he can not look at her straight in the eye, then the news broke that they are in a relationship and get married. If a guy likes a girl he proclaims that he loves her no matter what, if not then it's not. Or let's see if their feelings will change in the future and they will announce it publicly.

  4. Based on lots of videos i've watched, I would really like to think that they love its other very much …. only, bec they are popular stars n very busy with their respective careers that make it harder for them to focus much on their private affairs …however, we cant be privy to their lives if they meet more in secret away fr fans prying eyes … so time is the main problem in their relationship but I guess they will try to work on it for there's a strong bond n love towards one another n that's very obvious. Lets just wait n see for now more positive development in their union… I believe they both annouced individually during interviews that their wish is to marry b4 they reach their 40's …so many days, mos or a year or years to count n wait we cant really know what d future hold n plan for the BinJin lovely couple …what's

  5. OMG!, please leave these two alone. If they do get married, God Bless them both. I just wish as fans, we would stop speculating and just let them be it will be revealed eventually. Stop making all these video's of repeat pictures and stories that tell and confirm nothing. Love them for who they are and what they bring.

  6. Millions of global fans are waiting anxiously for the beautiful marriage of the most beautiful n perfectly matched adorable BinJin ❤️❤️😍😍😘😘🥰🥰👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👨💒💒

  7. I lovr the way Son ye jin hold the baseball ball before striking it, … Real athletic posture … She really love sports …. My UI ( Ultimate Idol 😁😍)

  8. Every time acting together fall in love,after 2 or 3 yrs break-off, don't wait just got married pls don't make fans all dreaming about stress.

  9. Son Ye Jin is my favorite actress (in her age group ) and hope, if is true, that she & Hyun Bin have a relationship that both can find lifelong love and happiness.

  10. I'm happy if they will get married soon, all the fans are excited and waiting.We love you and support you ,always…


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