Homebrewers Review – with Tom Vasel


Tom Vasel takes a look at a economic game about making beer!

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  1. I'm a gamer and a homebrewer, but this game does not look all that great to me. I think they missed the mark on the theme.

  2. I’m IN one of those crazy clubs and have been an active homebrewer since 2011. I was thrilled to get this game but was also disappointed by the lack of immersion in the theme. They got a lot of the concepts in the game, (like trading with people, having to clean constantly, and competing with others) but the execution on the theme is lackluster. The ingredients in the beers don’t have to make sense, the actual styles of beer mean nothing, the monthly “events” are just the same actions provided by the dice, and all-in-all it gets very repetitive. If you want a great game about making beer, get their previous title – Brew Crafters!!

  3. I backed this on KS because I love craft beer and the home brew communities, but I was VERY disappointed that the four different styles of beer have no differences in how they are brewed. Part of the fun of home brewing is learning how to make different styles well, but there are no differences between the porter, ale, stout, and IPA in this game. They’re merely 4 separate tracks with nothing to differentiate one from another. I agree with Tom on everything else. Also, the track markers are in the shape of different beer glasses for each style. That’s a very nice touch.


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