Halo: Ground Command Unboxing


It’s been a little over a week, but here we are, my unboxing of the Halo: Ground Command Battle of Reach 2-Player Set. Want to win a copy of your own? Leave a comment with the words “Ground Command” below. A lucky winner will be announced in a little over a week. Maybe 2 weeks.

Skip to 12:25 for assembled figures.

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  1. These do look great, but I just wish they were bigger.
    (Obviously that's make it tons more expensive, but I'm still a big fan of larger minis.)

  2. just realized how late i am to this and after getting excited about it realized this is all like 4 years ago and seems like its just not a thing anymore

  3. Your Ground Command set looks really different from my set. This is 2019 and I just finished building mine. No variation in the models between units, I almost quit halfway through my 30 hour assembly.

    Spartan Games are closed. My metal minis are horrible, some parts are mis-printed, missing, and a lot of it looks different from the instruction sheet. God I love Halo but I can't wait to be done with painting this stupid game.

  4. I remembered seeing the fleet battles and ground command when I looked at it I was excited as hell I bought those sets and then got my friend and boy we just kept trolling and trolling each other

  5. id buy this just for the shelf peice aspect but i cant paint to save my life so it would be hard to make them look good

  6. Thanks so much for the unboxing. Best one I found on YouTube. Would love to win this set and bring it to the table. Thanks for the contest. #GroundCommand

  7. Definitely interested as I would love to play a halo strategic table top game, but definitely can't afford it much less to paint the things. :/ #GroundCommand

  8. #groundcommand this set looks awesome I am totally looking forward to playing this game, hopefully in the near future!

  9. great Vid my son and I are still waiting for a copy have not seen any in store in canada 🙁 #GroundCommand!

  10. Imagine implementing Ground Command with the already existing Fleet Battles. It would be fun to change the boarding in FB (a dice game) with actual units battling in close quarters. Just an interesting concept.

  11. I'm really glad that you are making these videos, your Lore tid bids addition really are the best additions compared to others.
    Halo: Ground Command

  12. Where did you order Ground Command from that came with both the Elite Minor and Marine? I've only seen options for one or the other or neither! 🙁

  13. #GroundCommand

    I'm late… But other then that! I might as well say.

    In Halo Wars 2. How do you think they would implement the Forerunners. Who would their leaders be firstly? As all Forerunners "Heros" we meet are useally killed off… (343 Guilty Spark, The Didact, The Warden). Unless the mulitiplayer is "Non-Cononical " in that since… Then we have them as heros. Then what would the units be? I mean Ground units would be (Crawlers, Forerunners Soilders, Knights (Tank units)) But what would Vehicles/Air really be?…


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