Halo: Fleet Battles – Unboxing


Halo: Fleet Battles has arrived! Today, I present an unboxing/assembly video to give just the briefest of glimpses at what you can expect.

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  1. I know this is one in a million odds bit can someone direct me to somewhere I can get anybody these models, if only a handful. As a miniature man myself with Warhammer etc. and a big Halo fan, there is not much I wouldn't do for this kind of stuff

  2. It's been hard for me to care about Halo as much as I used to since 4 and 5s release but this is really cool channel so I'll sub 😀

  3. the cruser that he sead was introduced in halo 4 was the same kind that flys over you dering the hiway mission of halo 3 and you blow up two of them dering halo reach so how pray tell could it have ben introduced in halo 4

  4. You should do a video on your Halo collection, where you got them at, when they came out, all that stuff. I'm very interested.

  5. Would love to See a Halo game based around Star wars Empire at war, using Ship battles then ground battles, Orbital deffence stations, researching the Spartans, you could literally play through the Entire Galaxy from the Human insurrection war all the way to the Human covenant war, you could make a DLC Campaign where you play the begining of the covenant and have to rally all the races under the prophets, you could make a Forerunner campaign where you have to hold off the Flood until the Halo rings are ready. Like the possibilities are endless why hasent anybody used the Star wars Empire at war model of RTS?

  6. Oh Man! Halo model kits + fleet game! That's like playing Battleship Halo style(well sort of)! 343i should really consider making model kits of the many vehicles from the Halo universe.

  7. How is this balanced? I never though a strategy game with halo ships could be fair, seeing how the covenant ships are so much better than UNSC ships.

  8. where do you get all your Halo stuff ?
     i was looking at all the stuff in the background.
     i go to a shop called Area 52, its a Local little business that do TableTop Wargaming, Trading / Collectible Card Games, Miniature modelling ,Comic books,Action Figures and Boardgames.

    if they don't have what  want, they order it in for me

  9. Id normally reccomend making the models heavier. Sticking some weight inside them like pieces of lead fixed with some window/bathroom sealant makes the ships feel much more realistic, more like ships and less like hollow plastic toys. However I dont know if it is worth it in this case considering the bases are so heavy and the ships have very little room inside to stick weight in them.
    I would love to build and paint these, but a purple chromey paint for the covenant ships sounds hard to find. And particularly hard to apply for a beginner.

  10. I am interested in the formation options. Line must favour forward firepower punch through while oblique favours pivot and broadside with side weapons? Those models are brilliant and for starter set that's a full table

  11. Spartan games have just released a picture of The Long Night Of Solace in fleet battle scale, it looks incredible, you should check it out! Hopefully it will be available to buy, but i somehow doubt it…

  12. Random question have you play tested this yet wondering what it's like before I commit to buying the box set over just a few random ships for display

  13. I don't remember the Covenant Fleet being that small at the the battle of Reach, Last time I checked their Fleet was around 300+ Covenant ships attacking reach. That Fleet size is more appropriate for the battle of harvest. ( and even that is the wrong Size for that battle but more believable) Also where is the UNSC MAC stations?


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