Gunblade NY [Model 2] [Arcade] by SEGA – Regain the UN HQ (SSS-Rank) [HD] [1080p60]


Gunblade NY (ガンブレードNY) is a 1995 light gun shooter developed by Sega AM3 for the Model 2 arcade board.

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Gunblade NY (ガンブレードNY, 건블레이드 NY, 纽约风暴) | Sega Corporation ( 株式会社セガ, 주식회사 세가, 世嘉公司) | Sega AM3 (株式会社SEGA-AM3) | Model 2 (モデルツー, 모델 2) | Arcade Game (アーケードゲーム, 아케이드 게임, 街机游戏) | Shooter (シューティングゲーム, 슈팅, 射击游戏) | Railshooter (強制進行するもの, 레일슈팅) | Gun Shooter (ガンシューティングゲーム, 건슈팅 게임, 光枪射击游戏) | LA Machineguns (L.A.マシンガンズ, L.A. 머신건, 与洛杉矶机枪街) | 1CC, 1 Credit Clear | Gameplay | Walkthrough, Guide | Emulator (エミュレータ, 에뮬레이터, 游戏机模拟器) | m2emulator | High-definition (高精細, 고선명, 高解析) | HD | 1080p | 60fps


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  1. The Wii port has pretty bad textures compared to the arcade original. LA Machineguns seems to look good on the Wii, though.

  2. Hi there I don't know if you remember me but I need your help once again…Do you know how to use the cheats. for this emulator? I've tried to do a Google search but come up with nothing. Thank you… as always a great play through.


  3. Either this BearEX is an evil corporation and wants to initiate hostile corporate takeover of the Big Apple or BearEX is a front for an illicit arms dealing syndicate

  4. Question for the uploader: did you purchase the wii re-release of this game (which also included the excellent L.A. Machineguns), and if you did, what did you think of it? I loved how sega treated this franchise.

  5. I was quite surprised at 4:23 when 515 Hours kicked in! I'm only familiar with that song from Virtual On Force (and the [H.] album), so it caught me off guard! 😛


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