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  1. new video series: yall just make a minute long video where u show off ur hair cuz like. DAMN YALLS HAIR LOOKS FUCKIN AMAZING

  2. Don't worry about music in games, the truth is you were privileged to be able to chat to a dev about his thoughts, lots of content creators never do. Leaving something out is important to consumers to give us a reason to buy something. And you guys do not deserve to put pressure on one of your sources of income. Love you guys, just found your channel and I'm not sure if you have already but if you haven't already play the last of us, on stream or not, it will change your life. (Plus gay dlc)

  3. also! oh my goodness im actually Shook you guys are so stunning <333 thanks for keeping us up to date about things! i really appreciate everything you do and the updates really do help clear things up and remind me to do tads.

  4. i actually have a wlw book recommendations blog if people need more recs with lesbian/bi/pan women!

  5. I feel like "Life Is Strange" was in their destiny. They look like they relate to the characters alot. And it kinda launched their channel.

  6. OMG The Bone Doll's Twin Trilogy is my all time favorite book/book series. The story line is amazing, the characters are realistically relatable and the word damnation is used. Which, I did not know was a word before that book, so. It teaches you new vocabulary 😂

  7. Let's be honest, most of us watch 5% for the game they're playing and 95% to hear them talk. There's plenty of other good YouTubers who have finished the discontinued Let's Plays, so we can just enjoy the new stuff they have prepared for us.

  8. I've made it my daily non-school homework to get 500 tads everyday. I honestly from the bottom of my heart wish I could do more because I have so much fucking free time but shrug (this sounds so braggy I'm sorry xD)

  9. I was watching for FFXV and MEA in particular, so this is a downer and I might unsub. But if you really don't want to, you don't want to.

  10. Welp, I guess I won't see how Final Fantasy ends now since you guys were the only playthrough of it I was watching. Shame about LA Noir too, your guys' commentary while playing the story was really good.


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