Gamemaster not working for you? Try This!


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Gamemaster not working? Try this, or contact them this way.








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  1. People beware, Gamemasters just charged my credit card without my approval with the new name GAMERS. They didn't sent me an email or any information on there new service.

  2. Seems like game master is down for the count. They bounced off top dog for a short time (that was the logo when you logged into client area). Then TDbilling for a while. Now it is Billing Portal. It took a week for them to get back to me using the contact us button. I did it three times a day at different times. Then they sent me the wrong URL to change my password to get into the website. Too bad, they were the best for a long time.

  3. It's been down can't cancel service they just charged my card it's not reaccuring open ticket it was never answered shady

  4. Wonder why they would.just stop,not even send out bills.Funny nothing from Troy Point or.anybody explaining situation,no suggestion of charges.filed,google Game Master x down,not any articles even. gmx my backup actually but was working flawless

  5. Took my money at the end of May. App was working fine until I paid them. In the email they sent me with new links, logins, etc, none of what they sent me works and can't contact them.

  6. Att: Game Master is locking all accounts preventing you from canceling their service and charging your credit card without authorization. Please be aware

  7. My service was down for 2 weeks. Finally saw a post on here to us code # 71194300 on Filelinked and download first item listed. Use your username and password to sign in and you should be up and running. Live Tv only though for time being.

  8. Thanks for the info. Found this video because it’s down again. I’m in touch with support and they’ve told me they’re working on it and hoping it will be fixed soon.

  9. This Service appears to have ceased operating. Even their Discord channel has vanished… nothing there, can’t get to it.
    I have no additional information other than they seem to have pulled up stakes and disappeared.

  10. I signed up paid for service fot a username and password but dint know where to get the app ….do they gave filelinked store? Can you help?

  11. No,it's not working I've submitted several tickets, still nothing works I unsubscribed for a month then returned to the same problems I think this is it for me !

  12. idk about you guys but gamer master by far is the best one and its still working perfectly no issue it may be their connection of wifi

  13. To share info … I have YouStream loaded on 4 devices and am subscribed to 2 connections & things work well using any 2 👍🏼. I am trying GM out , but can only load it on 2 devices . It seems it would be limited to 2 connections being used at a time . Are most other IPTV service like YouStream or GM ???

  14. Awesome video brother CABLE. Much appreciated. Keep the content coming. Hope you are staying safe and enjoying your day. Much love

  15. GM was down this am for me . I also have YouStream , which seems almost identical and it was down also . I expect problems like this with IPTV , so I waited a bit and both were working . Anybody else have any input on GM and YouStream being the same service with mild differences ? I know the service I used to have was much different with the XC app instead of the Smarters .

  16. Working fine your right must be doing maintenance earlier fantastic service and a great 24/7 section for classics


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