Game Boy Color and Sega Nomad Screen Mods – Modern Upgrades!


Game Boy Color:
Mod kits: and



My Video Gear & Equipment:
Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder :
Rode Shotgun microphone :
Audio Technica AT4033/CL (voice overs) :
STUDIO LIGHTS: Aputure Light Storm LS 1C
Headphones: Meze 99 Classics:

Computer: Apple iMac 27″ w/ Final Cut Pro X :
Elgato HD Game capture devices :

Background music by Metal Jesus Rocks and Ethan Meixsell


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  1. How many bits each Nintendo console has:

    Home Consoles:
    1. NES=8-bit
    2. SNES=16-bit
    3. N64=64-bit
    4. GameCube=128-bit
    5. Wii=256-bit
    6. Wii U=512-bit
    7. Switch=1024-bit

    Handheld Consoles
    1. Game Boy=8-bit
    2. Game Boy Color=8-bit
    3. Game Boy Advance=32-bit
    4. Nintendo DS=64-bit
    5. Nintendo 3DS=128-bit
    6. Nintendo Switch=1024-bit

  2. I think that when Nintendo developed the Game Boy Color, they wanted to give it a backlit, but they couldn’t because of one or two things: Which theory do you think is better?
    1. They forgot.
    2. They wanted to keep the tradition of not giving their portables backlits.

  3. Didn't NEC do it even earlier than the Nomad with the TurboExpress using the same cartridges as the home console Turbografx 16 that would be an interesting upgrade to do

  4. I have a nomad and I remember it took 8 packs of batteries to get from Fort Worth Texas to Corpus Christie Texas.

  5. Get a new lens for the new screen size. They are cheap and readily available on AliExpress.

    I just did this mod in my gameboy last week and now i am travelling from Canada to Texas aging pokemon. It's the gameboy i always wanted as a kid.

    My kid came with the new lens to cover up the screen border. It's a smile change and totally necessary in my opinion.

    Oh also my gameboy is the same color!

  6. For the nomad , you definitely shouldn’t use that lcd. Handheld consoles are reputed for good screen quality whereas on the nomad lcd that isn’t the case. You shouldn’t bother modding the amazon lcd for rgb since you would need to mod it into an RGB component cable variant which would be weird, I’d rather use a purpose-made rgb 320×224/256×224 hybrid lcd screen for native resolution clean video with no shimmer or a 480p or 720p screen which interpretes 240p as 240p , not 480i with integer scale for high quality video, but I’d prefer using a screen purposely made which has the same resolution as the genesis

  7. Being a Genesis owner, I thought the Nomad was an amazing idea.

    Do you think the screen was a passive matrix display? Would that make it appear blurry?

  8. I didn't see any ghosting on the Nomad. I'm impressed. By the way, does McWill have a website or storefront on a store site offering modded handhelds, either from stock or made-on-demand? I'd love some of his handhelds.

  9. Ah, lots of memories around that Scooby Doo game! I will have to power it up again. It’s been too long!!

  10. The turbo Express from NEC, had an AV input also a TV tuner for it which I used to own
    The Turbo Express uses the same Hu cards that is used in the regular home system
    The only thing that stinks about the American turbo Express is that unless you have a game converter or have someone convert the handheld, you can't play Japanese games
    Having a lithium battery for that would be amazing now because the Six Double A's that it took only lasted I think 3 or 4 hours unless you used lithium double AA batteries by Energizer
    Also you have to make sure that the system has been recapped the portable and the home unit like the turbo Duo or the turbo TurboGrafx with a separate CD unit, because the original capacitors weren't great quality

  11. Project S-11 is actually a great game. I play it on the retron every now and then. I remember I got a copy for me and my buddy when we were younger.

  12. I found this site for neo geo pocket it is a front light though but it is a start.

  13. I see some issues with your backlight screen, it look kind of smaller than the original screen, and that's not all, i see a line on the screen and make it look horrible

  14. Installed a backlight screen mod for my GameBoy Color over the frontlight mod I did several months back. Bought the backlit screen from Handheld Legend for $75, and the price dropped to $50 and has the 3D printed spacers to align the screen properly. I need to get black double sided tape to prevent the light from seeping out, but it works better than the frontlight mod (kept it for a future GBC in case the screen in it doesn't work). I also have a Nomad that was repaired by the person that runs a game store shop that is going to be modded soon, and the Nomad can be modded to allow region unlock and playing Master System games using the Everdrive or Mega SD.

  15. Yep the screen in the Gameboy colour is smaller then the standard one, which turns me off that mod, I'd much rather do the backlight mod with the original screen.

  16. That new nomad screen is pulling composite video, gonna look blurry and dull for sure. Maybe upscales too as you said

  17. I remember taking my Nomad into Gamestop back around 2000-2001 and trying out their used Genesis games on it. Lol. The dude working there got pissed and told me I wasn't "allowed" to do that. I'm not sure if that was an actual store policy at that time or not, but I'm a pretty easy going person and didn't want to be a douche, so I took the Nomad out and locked it in my car, then went back in and finished shopping. Every time I see anything about the Nomad, though, I'm reminded of that. 😂


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