Frogger Plug n Play Review – The No Swear Gamer Ep 424


Today’s episode covers the Frogger TV Arcade Plug and Play by Majesco.

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  1. I love classic games and Frogger IS a great classic game, but one game just isn't going to cut it anymore. Especially when you can get plug and plays with 5 or more games for the same $20.00 price.

  2. So my little sister got this from a friend, and I cant seem to figure out how to plug it in to my TV. If anyone could help, that would be great. (they didnt state how or where they got the game.)

  3. ANOTHER plug and play without an arcade version of the game? I can't imagine most consumers would prefer a NES rom over an actual arcade version. Has to be a licensing issue.

  4. That's the rom Basic Fun/Bridge Direct used for the Walmart Exclusive Frogger for the Arcade Classics lineup. The music however changed as an oddity.

  5. I have the MSI version of this, and I really don't think there's a difference, rather than the opening credits when you turn on the unit. The original release had 4 screens, (the opening credits, the copyright text, the konami logo, and the majesco logo) but the MSI release only had ONE screen. (the MSI logo)

  6. I actually picked this up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for 7 bucks right after Christmas. For 7 bucks I was pumped. Packaging was really great to display as well in my game room. Great review as always. 🙂

  7. Kind of odd that they would make this with only one game… the could of at least included Frogger three Deep!

  8. I had the older version of this. I really enjoyed it alot, on my unit the joystick was fantastic. Aside from that your review is spot on. 👍


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