Fix Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization in Windows 10


Fix Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization in Windows 10

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Another windows 10 fix for you, this one is a pretty simple fix when you know how.

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  1. didn't work for me either Win 10 version 2004. Truly Windows deteriorates with each update. Would appreciate it if you could please produce an updated video. thanks.

  2. Hi mate, it is still showing me the same error. I am using Windows 10 education version and get the error in windows update settings under advanced options settings. I can't change the settings about how updates are installed because of this. Please help

  3. I cannot change the Diagnostic Data to Full. It says the same "Some of these settings are hidden or managed by you organization" (even for the diagnostics & feedback). How to resolve this?

  4. I left Do not include drivers in Windows Update as enabled. Windows 10 has been blocking me from installing older Nvidia drivers with GFE. Desperate to to use older versions of GFE.

  5. Finally someone that know what they are doing…Thank you!!!! THIS WORKED PERFECTLY FOR ME after trying so many other fixes and listening to people that have no clue what they are doing by telling you to do things that are not possible and if they were, I would of done them in the first place. So many others gave me the advice on how to set something that the option was not available to do and acted like they were smart because they showed the location of the settings (that were greyed out or missing) and showed how to toggle them on and off…OMG….again thanks!

  6. Hello Brian, thank you for the video. I tried "gpudate /force" but it did not work out with following message.
    Computer policy could not be updated successfully. The following errors were encountered:

    The processing of Group Policy failed because of lack of network connectivity to a domain controller. This may be a transient condition. A success message would be generated once the machine gets connected to the domain controller and Group Policy has successfully processed. If you do not see a success message for several hours, then contact your administrator.

  7. To every who has tried all methods but still can't get rid of it. I have been working on this problem for a few days. I have tried all kinds of methods but none of them has worked. Finally I figured out. Just go to Setting–>Accounts–>Access work or school and delete one or more "work or school account" connects (in my case, it was my daughter's school account). Problem solved.

  8. Ok i don't have it for windows update now, but i have it for delivery optimisation, location, but i am able to do things i need to right now, failing getting the rest going, probably going to reinstall windows


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