Evolution of Superman Games in 5 Minutes (2017)


Take a look at how Superman’s games, one of which was voted the worst game of all time, have changed throughout the years.

List of games:

1. Superman (1978)
2. Superman: The Game (1985)
3. Superman (1987)
4. Superman (1988)
5. Superman: The Man of Steel (1989)
6. Superman (1992)
7. Superman: The Man of Steel (1993)
8. The Death and Return of Superman (1994)
9. Superman (1997)
10. Superman Activity Center (1998)
11. Superman: The New Adventures (1999)
12. Superman: Shadow of Apokolips (2002)
13. Superman: The Man of Steel (2002)
14. Superman: Countdown to Apokolips (2003)
15. Superman The Greatest Superhero (2005)
16. Superman Returns (2006)
17. Superman Returns: Fortress of Solitude (2006)
18. Superman (2006)
19. Superman (2011)

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  1. Shame Rocksteady's concepts were shot down by WB, they're the go to team after what they did with Batman. In any case I think the biggest challenge with any Superman game is making destructible environments in a city without causing NPC fatalities, or blowing something up and inadvertently killing a civilian. Devs can't control that in an open world environment, and gamers are sadists at heart, given the option you'd steam roll a city just for shits and giggles. I'd love to see a Superman game similar to Prototype or Infamous, bad decisions should have consequences, and being a dick and not playing the hero eventually means game over, i.e you get a kryptonite bullet to the head if you go on a mass killing spree.

  2. In honor of his portrayal in Birds of Prey, may you please do an evolution of Victor Zsasz in all media? Thanks ^_^

  3. It’s crazy how some of the games got worse in every way as time went on. There was no excuse apart from laziness on the developers part to produce such a shit game given the technology at that period of time.

  4. Even though superman games are fucking trash, I still have to say I LOVE superman returns on 360 and shadow of apokolips


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