Complete Clan Games Fast – A Guide to Extra Rewards (Clash of Clans)


How to Max Clan Games Points Quickly in Clash of Clans. Judo Sloth Gaming explains some of the Best Tips for Completing Clan Games as fast as possible. Remember it is the ‘Clan Games’ so you really do need to work as a team. This video brings an insight into what Clans games are and = features tips to complete clan games quickly. If you are an active Clash of Clans player you will still have a good chance at finishing the clan games. You will want to try and get 4000 points in Clan Games to get the extra reward. Clash On!

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  1. Another Tip as shared by my subscribers: You don’t need a free Builder for the Builder Base grass – this means you can complete the removal of obstacles even quicker 💪🏻

  2. I font like it when other players just do 1 challenge and they are done and earn Big Reward Its so unfair I frickin hate it I hope SuperCell changed the Clan Games to the players who really love it

  3. I like the challenges break wall in builder base or home village multiplayer and I like to do donation little bit and also I do challenges like grab many elixer like 200000 elixer grab and also my fav obstacle remove and also I like to do score 10 stars in multiplayer or I like to win battles and also builder base my fav one challenges I like to do al builder base challenge I lie gain percentage also

  4. I completed 4000 points in both my accounts from my clan within 1 day…so simple with builderbase…right

  5. You do NOT get double the rewards for 4k points, you get to choose 1 extra reward. Also, once you have finished your 4k points you CANNOT take and rotate the harder challenges out for easier ones.

  6. As a clan leader, we just barely reached 50k. I have 6 accounts and Only 5 of them got 4k points while the other one only got 3925 points 🙁

  7. I got a litte over 13,000 in about 3-4 hours. I have more than 10 accounts so I recycled tons of tasks. It's pretty fun if you wait till the last day and grab all the golden offers. It's way easier to get 1k points on four accounts V.S. only having one account aiming for 4k

  8. What do you do if only like 2 people from your clan max out in the clan games, and only 5 other people complete 1 challenge?

  9. Now that I am close to 4800-5000trophies in Builder base I have switched to using two diff strategies. 2-3 super PEKKA, 1 cannon cart, 1 barb or wall breakers. OR 2 skelly balloons, 2 baby drag camps, and the rest beta minions.

  10. I completed Clan Games in just 1 hour 29mins and my clan overall completed it in 2 hours 45mins.

  11. It seems that the Clan Games tasks used to change from time to time if no one was completing them. Am I right or way off?

  12. im max th8 ready to go th9 but my lab isnt max i still need to gring 50k dark e to max out golem, and troops i dont use like barbs and archers arent maxed out so should i just go th9 or max my lab

  13. I have a question here. I'm th9 player, i have max out the entire base except for the both heroes. Should i upgrade to th10 or wait until the heroes max out first ?

  14. Also remember that to try and coordinate with the Gold Pass challenges if you're still working on that. I completed a challenge on the Games and knocked out two Pass challenges. Now THAT"S efficiency.

  15. All my previous clans were very inactive so I was never able to receive the clan games rewards 😔☹️

    But now I am in an excellent clan level 13.thanks judo I used to use the same trick earlier

  16. I always finish clan games with my friends we all go on a voice chat and we finish all 7 tiers? Or something in about 1/2 hours


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