Competitive History of Pokemon: Generation 1


in this series we will look at the Competitive History of Pokemon starting with Generation 1! Let’s see what the Generation 1 metagame was like! If you guys enjoy this and want to see more make sure you leave a Like and Subscribe!

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Information based on my own experience, Smogon, and Bulbapedia.


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  1. There's some big mistakes in your video. While the basics were mostly correct with the big exception being Dark types being special in Gen 1 cause there werent any Dark types I feel where your video fell down was on the list of viable threats.

    Gengar is NOT a top threat in Gen 1. It's weak to Psychic and Earthquake, two common moves in Gen 1. It was still useful in some situations, making it OU but not on the top of the pack for sure.

    In Gen 1 the Top Threats were Tauros, Chansey, Exeggutor, Snorlax, Alakazam, Starmie, Golem/Rhydon (they are almost interchangeable in Gen 1) aka Rocks, Zapdos and Jolteon, with the first four being known as the Four Heavenly Emperors of OU. There are other OU Pokemon but those are the threats you should always be prepared for.

  2. Hey, man this video is awesome! I know it is probably a lot of work, but if you ever had time to make similar videos for gen 2 and so on, that would be sick.

  3. Gen one competitive sounds like a hell pit😂 I'm like nope nope nope I need balance and dark types and breeding any way love the video brah (o◇o) <articuno

  4. I think Alakazam might be better than Taurus. Alakazam had the god type (psychic). With moves like Psychic, recover and T-wave he could easily out speed Taurus with t-wave and then spam psychic until he needs health so then he uses recover


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