Classic Game Room – SEGA NOMAD review


Classic Game Room HD reviews the portable SEGA NOMAD, the Sega Genesis Nomad that plays Sega Genesis game cartridges on the go! Sort of, although this is portable it really isn’t that portable due to its size and pathetic battery life. But that doesn’t stop it from being a worth addition to any Sega Genesis fan’s library. You can play Genesis games on the couch, in bed, on a long road trip. Wherever you want, just don’t try to throw this thing in your pocket and save games frequently. This CGR hardware review of the Sega Genesis nomad has pictures and video of the Sega Nomad showing the Sega Nomad playing Sega Genesis video games.


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  1. I would have bought one of these back in the day if I had a bit more disposable cash. I would've loved to play Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition, or Super Street Fighter II Turbo on the go…my other faves were LHX Attack Helicopter and 688 Attack Sub. (I did have Steel Talons on the Atari Lynx though, so that was cool 🙂 ).

    On a different note: You know those compilation Genesis discs they release for the current gen game consoles? I would love to see them add a few 32X titles to those lineups.. particularly Star Trek StarFleet Academy (I used to have the SNES version), and Star Wars Arcade (which always ended up freezing up my 32X whenever I would get inside the Death Star II, or even the Super Star Destroyer).

  2. I loved my Sega Nomad! Saved up a ton of money to buy it (forget how much for). My dad and I would take turns playing NHL and Madden on it during road trips. Wish I still had the thing.


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