Classic Game Room – CGR Toys STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS review


Star Wars Fighter Pods review. Thank you Andrey!
CGR review of G-LOC: Air Battle for Sega Master System is live!
CGR Toys reviews the Star Wars Fighter Pods battle set which features 30 figures, 4 vehicles and 10 battle pods! Classic Game Room announces the review of G-Loc Air Battle for Sega Master System from 1991. Blow things up with airplanes on your Sega Master System in Sega’s 1991 spiritual successor to Afterburner, it’s G-LOC: Air Battle!! Fun arcade style action awaits those with a Master System and the skills to pay the bills as you mow down enemy tanks, boats, end bosses and airplanes before you run out of time and explode.


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  1. I'm impressed (and glad) that you're not posting whiny, ranting videos about Youtube's current state of errors.  I can only hope that hundreds of people are scurrying about correcting this issue right now.  Until then I enjoy what you post here and at  You're a class act. 

  2. It seems you have 2 Jango Fett, one in the top row next to Boba and there's one on the lower row. Why is that?

  3. It's too bad you can't pot FAIR USE video footage here. Seeing the map it looks like three people sent things to show from Adlantus. 

  4. mmm… Star Wars is a propriety of LucasArts that's a propriety of Disney. I'm not sure that YouTube, a propriety of Google, will allow some random guy to show and making use of Disney's propriety…

  5. To all of those people who complain about lack of videos on You Tube: until recently I (somewhat) shared your view. I mainly watch CGR videos on my smartphone & the website is not exactly smartphone friendly. However, installing Dailymotion client on my android changed that. Now I can continue watching these videos.

  6. Why not post the videos on Youtube AND your website so if they get blocked from YT we can still watch them on your site?

  7. James Cameron just saw this video and has started an expedition to find Atlantis at the location Mark pinned on the map.

  8. I think Atlantis is supposed to be in the Mediterranean Sea.. But I pretty much just made that up, so don't quote me on that.

    I wonder where they say it is in the Disney movie… 

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