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  1. Also of note … does the orbit of Comet 209P intersect the orbit of Earth around the sun? It seems that on May 23 the Earth is at the intersection point. Thank you in advance

  2. The program defaults to an Orrery mode, which exaggerates the size of the objects. One should correct this to "Realistic" size in the Settings page. Also, and not the developer's fault but the illumination of the planets and objects is exaggerated. The Inverse Square Law says the intensity of sunlight decreases with the square of the distance from the sun. Pluto, if shown here in realistic lighting, would appear almost in total darkness, with sunlight being 1/400 the intensity of sunlight hitting Earth. For academic purposes the "brightness" levels are adjusted to give an "Earth-like" appearance, regardless of the object's distance from the sun.

  3. I have played this in school a few times. It was in the 2013-2014 academic year. So sad I didn't play this for a long time. This video brought back my memories.

  4. Ah comets and dwarf planets! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing I was recently looking for a tool to view the skies. 💫💥🌞🌕

  5. I got it, and it's nice, but there are a few weak points: It should at least give the known moon total for each planet/dwarf planet. It should acknowledge where the graphics are "artist's conception". It should show the system of Pluto in motion, and include an article and graphics on Charon, since we have so much on them from New Horizons. Only shows/mentions the rings of Saturn and Uranus, not Jupiter and Neptune.

  6. What would happen if two earth sized planets orbited the sun in earths orbit as a binary pair? Could they be habitable? Could they share an orbiting moon? how about one in the L1 point?

  7. The comment section went from great, to horrible, to zombie mutant ghouls. Nuclear war in the comment section to me.

  8. Anton you are my favorite youtuber I love your vids because you put so much time and effort in them and you upload everyday


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