CAPTAIN SPIRIT (Life is Strange 2 Prequel) Full Gameplay Walkthrough Playthrough


In The Amazing Adventures of Captain Spirit, impossible things are possible in the darkest times.

Captain Spirit is a free demo set in the Life is Strange Universe that contains links to the brand new story & setting of Life is Strange 2.

Chris is an ordinary 9-year old boy who wants to be a super hero. He loves his toys and has a big imagination that takes him on all sorts of adventures, but today is not one of his usual adventures, today something truly extraordinary will happen to him.

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  1. my father was never physically abusive to me, but he was a raging alcoholic, and the way Charles acts is so accurate to that experience. The “I don’t need a lecture from my son” is something my father has said to me many times

  2. The way Chris‘ dad is abusive seems subtle to someone who wasn’t abused.
    But here’s the thing people: Parents who abuse their kids aren’t always in a bad mood. And it’s confusing. Because you feel guilty for being afraid of them or for implying they are a bad person, because they aren’t always a bad person.
    It’s like a mine field. One wrong step and they explode in your face…

    Chris is neglected by his Dad. He has to clean up the house, his Dad doesn’t fix his playbox like he said he would and his Dad doesn’t notice that Chris stole one of his cigarettes. His Dad is verbally abusive, even in the beginning. If you don’t come to breakfast fast enough he threatens Chris with violence.
    He hurt Chris and he doesn’t want anyone to find out.
    It might have been by accident, but you don’t grab your kids that hard.

    His father is an alcoholic and it’s damaging the way Chris will perceive things.
    As a person who’s lived with a verbally and sometimes physically abusive parent and was severely neglected by the other I noticed how tense the mood in the house was.

  3. I couldn't get the phone unlocked either, now knowing the code, i don't know why that'd be the code. It's the dad's phone, why would his code be some spelling of hawtdogman? And is there a clue that tells Chris to try that?

  4. I just realized, our boy ain't got no powers, it was Daniel who saved him.
    You were talking about red herrings, the whole GAME was…sorta one? That lead up to the main characters of Life of Strange 2, omg. Hindsight is 20/20.

  5. This game scared me because Charles acts exactly like my boyfriend minus the abuse. He's an alcoholic, depressed, and selfish sometimes… but on a lesser scale. Hope he doesn't turn out like this

  6. I couldn't get this to work on my computer when it came out (it just lagged forever and then made my computer freeze lmao) and I finally found the time to watch your playthrough 🙂 thank you for playing this & adding the content warning about child abuse, much appreciated.

  7. Omfg. I'm watching this after your playthrough of the first episode of s2…and bust out crying at the end at the realization that..


    Daniel saved him!!!! Ugh that is just so sweet my gosh… Can't wait to see that in s2.

  8. I've noticed 3 ways the Miss Reynolds conversation can conclude (that I think depend on the actual conversation + your actions in the game):

    – She leaves the house very concerned for Chris, intending to come back with help.
    – She leaves the house feeling slightly on the fence. She's a little concerned about Chris but ultimately leaves without the intention to come back with help… For now.
    – She leaves the house with very few concerns for Chris, telling him "Well, I guess I need to relax a bit so I don't imagine things, right?"

    And btw!!! In the 3rd conclusion, before she leaves, she will also briefly talk to Chris about her grandchildren (Sean and Daniel)! Here's the exact script:

    Claire: Oh by the way, my grandchildren are finally home for Christmas. Oh my, it's been ages since I've seen those boys… You know, one of them is your age and I bet you two would get along just like brothers!
    Chris: Really? Cool, that sounds fun… Thanks Claire! I promise, I'll see you later! (Claire leaves)

  9. It’s irritating they couldn’t get they phone.

    And no, I’m not blaming them, I’m blaming the game for having them stuck in the cutscene and not giving them enough time afterwards to find and answer the phone.

  10. What's the song that played while Chris sat up in the tree fort? Such a beautiful song! – I'm going to look through the soundtracks of all the Life Is Strange Games for it but it would save me a ton of time if any of you know!

  11. Here is a clue, it's gonna be about Boys not Girls…. and they never made an other game again…. cause you know boys don't care about boys. THERE ARE NURF GUNS EVERYWHERE AND HE NEVER PLAYS WITH THEM.WTF is wrong with this kid. He also did some of Dads killer sticks but never his booz again WTF is wrong with that kid?

  12. If you are a parent and experience something traumatic or have mental health issues the best thing you can do is get help. Its not easy being a parent. Sometimes you may want to punch your kid just so they can stop crying or whining and it makes you feel horrible to have those thoughts. That one moment you lose control is when you reach out, the last thing you want is state intervention because that is messy. What I'm saying is choose help first, take time for yourself, what you do shapes their future.

  13. Is the demo what this is ? I can only find the demo so I’m now thinking this free game they are giving us is the demo it’s just a hour long demo so that’s good right

  14. u girls have cute voice and u r cool so yea subscribe ppl as well as me or ill burn your pubics in the fires of hell… muhaaa sugar plumps

  15. I am glad that this company is bringing awareness and light to serious issues that have a lot of real meaning with people. Thank you for opening this discussion it is an important one

  16. Well shit this kid story was actually my life. The similitudes are kinda scary : a dead parent, the remaining one become a drunk who physically, mentaly and emotionally abuse her child, when she is not drunk she feels bad so she buy him some shit trying to act like a good parent, then two hours later she is drunk again, break all her promises and start abusing her kid again. The only way this could be more acurate is if his dad tried to bust his door to stab him with a kitchen knif.
    I suppose those similitudes show how well written is this game

  17. i didn't scroll that far down and i haven't finished the video, but i thought i'd mention the articles said neither Chris or his dad were there when the mother died.

  18. So, I want to address something in this video, and with my comment. I know that some people may not agree, but I have to get this out there. When Mrs. Reynalds came into the picture, the things she had been saying, those are things she should not have said to Chris. (Yes, I do agree that Chris' father is POS, and I do agree that Chris needs to be taken out of that situation) Here's the thing that bothered me about that scene, with Mrs. Reynalds. (Also if this comment gets me perma-band, I think I'd probably cry in the corner for months on end because I love your videos) I personally grew up around alcoholics, I've also grown up around violent alcoholics, and drug addicts as well. I understand that Mrs. Reynalds was trying to do good, but when someone who isn't fully aware of the situation inside begins to say things like that, they are also unknowingly placing that child in danger. (We all obviously don't want Chris harmed in any way, shape or form.) We all know for a fact that alcohol makes people more prone to violent behavior. In this let's play, It's also drastically evident what type of alcoholic Chris' father is. We're lucky that his father didn't outright beat him half to death because of this woman. When you're aware of a situation like this, you have to be careful about how you approach it. We obviously know that CPS (Child Protective Services) has been contacted, so that's gonna bring out more aggression from his father, and in this instance, Reynalds was not helping Chris, and I'll say it again, she's unknowingly placed him in danger. (I literally shouted this as I watched Reynalds interact with Chris.) So, if you're ever in this situation, my suggestion would be to look out for the kid, definitely keep in contact with CPS, and be careful with how you intervene. You don't want to ever place a child in even greater risk.

    And again, I want to state: I am not defending his father's actions. His father is clearly is POS.

  19. My mom left my family at a young age and it hurt me bad. I was very close with her but she abused drugs and didn’t do a good job as a parent. I took care of her not knowing she was high. I didn’t know what drugs were. I really felt for Chris. He’s a very well put kid who deserves the best as any other kid. The way the creators make these characters and animation throughout Life is Strange keeps me always wanting more

  20. Ok Pretty sure there's no such thing as Eugene State… There's the University of Oregon and Lane Community College. Only ones I ever heard of…
    Also, there's not just "Eugene High School", but there is "North Eugene" and "South Eugene" high schools.

  21. Chloe and Chris’ Dad is pretty similar in the case that their both going through grief. The only difference in terms of morals is that Chloe is still a child and has no need to care for another, but Chris’ Dad does have to care for a child even though he clearly can’t- at least at that moment. I’m pretty sure they’re both not bad people, and that the things to occur make them act differently. It’s just the case that Chris’ Dad is responsible for and causes damage to someone that has less power than him that makes it a bit different.

    But the perspective of this game to put attention to the less powered character makes it more heartbreaking to Before The Storm in the story sort of way- it does perform tons better too for all other aspects of the game.

  22. Just imagen how horrible it would be if Chloe was the one who is responsible for the Hit and Run, maybe the save Chloe ending us Canon🤷‍♀️

  23. this whole time i'm like…these women have never had first hand experience with abuse and it shows every time they open their mouths


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