BIGBANG BLUE – Lyrics ( hangul + easy romanization )


I tried to put some notes on the text so it is easier to read.

What they mean :

1.The combination of vowels who are marked in different color represent one sound or sound combination.

Here is how to pronounce the vowel combinations
ㅏ ( a ) – as in father
ㅑ ( ya ) – as in yard
ㅓ (eo ) – as the sound “o” in open
ㅕ (yeo) — as the sound in young
ㅗ (o ) – as in law
ㅛ ( yo) – as in yoke
ㅜ ( u ) – as in clue
ㅠ ( yu ) – as in you
ㅡ ( eu ) – as in the sound of oo in look
ㅣ ( i ) – as in heat

ㅐ(ae) – as in hat
ㅒ(yae) – as the sound in yam
ㅔ(e) – as in ten
ㅖ ( ye )- ye as in yes
ㅘ (wa) – as in water

ㅙ (wae )- as in wax
ㅚ (oe) – as in way
ㅝ ( wo ) as in won
ㅞ ( we ) as in well
ㅟ ( wi ) as in we
ㅢ ( ui ) as in u plus i

I hope this is useful !

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  1. "같은 하늘 다른곳 너와나 위험하니깐 너에게서 떠나주는거야 님이란 글자에 점하나 비겁하지만 내가 못나 숨는거야 잔인한 이별은 사랑의 말로 그 어떤말도 위로될순 없다고 아 마내인생이 마지막 멜로 막이 내려오내요 이제" 이부분 불를수 있다

  2. 울 (right at the start) is said eu (meant to be u) but in the description it says eu = ㅡ
    Maybe you could put an annotation there?

  3. thank you ! I will do another BIGBANG video soon ! 🙂 and if you want to support me and the channel – subscribe and(or) visit my page ( there is link to it in my channel ) There are some BIGBANG games there ! 🙂 You might like them !

  4. If you could do Volume Up or Alone that would be amazing. I'd even give you like 5 dollars or something 🙂 you know…poor person compensation for the service.


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