Big Bang – Monster (Color Coded Lyrics: Hangul, Romaji, English)


Just a bunch of uploads I listened to a lot several weeks ago when I found out my ex-boyfriend had started to stalk me, once again… when he told me i wasn’t good enough… but don’t worry, i got everything handled and i’m better.
I have a HUGE upload spam coming up somewhere in early July? I’m like 3 out of 12(?) songs done.

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G-Dragon – Red
T.O.P – Blue
Seungri – Purple
Daesang – Green
Taeyang – Yellow

Lyrics :

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  1. I hate that Seungri’s part like describes his current condition.. so many vips turn their back from him.. 😭😭😭

  2. BigBang will forever be remembered!!❤️ They’re an unforgettable Kpop group. They impacted many people back then, and still do today. This song is soo nostalgic and it makes me cry and emotional every time I listen to it😔😭 everyone makes mistakes in their lives!! But that doesn’t me that I’ll hate them!!❤️

  3. We are now facing another heartbreak. Jiyong need to make a song about VIPs who left the fandom again because of false information and media play. This song is really meaningful and that's why it's my favorite. Let's continue to support them and give strength to them. We are not going to leave you guys. We are waiting for all of you in this flower road. Come back healthy, BIGBANG. Come back to us more stronger than ever. BIGB5NG. I love you, baby you're not a monster. I need you, baby you're not a monster.

  4. I've listened to several genres of music from this past decade and I consider myself as a metalhead who largely listens to, of course, Metal Music. Especially "Black Metal".

    Elitists gets all their hate for K-Pop and idk I really love this genre coz of this song that takes and hits me home real hard.
    I've heard several K-Pop songs even before Big Bang's first albums, but when I watched their MV of Monster in MTV that's the time I considered myself as a K-Pop fan deep inside and now I am stanning several K-Pop groups til today. Damn, still sad to think that most VIPs left their way out of this but happy for BB that they'll perform at Coachella 😎

  5. I think it's crazy that there are people who really make it seem like idols in this industry or just celebs in general can't be humans. Like EVERYONE is sinful in one way or another, we all make mistakes, we all make stupid decisions… it's literally a part of life. I've been a BB fan since i first heard Haru Haru and Lies way back in the days and up till now, I'm still a VIP. Regardless of their scandals, I don't ever feel disgusted or upset about/ at them. It actually reminds me that they are just like us. Normal in a way. i mean yeah it sucks that BB will make a comeback just as a 4 member group, but I strongly believe that Seungri will be in their hearts forever! I mean the love that these boys have for each other are like thicker than blood or else they wouldn't have made it this far. GD and TOP are my BIAS and when their scandals broke out, I legit just prayed that things get better and listened to their songs over and over. =) And things will get better! Even this COVID-19 shenanigans lol

  6. This honestly not only for VIPs
    But also for ot7 exols , ot6 ikonics , ot6 monbebes , ot5 babys , ot9 elfs and everyone who has left their idols side when they need them the most like hanbin , wonho , sungmin , Chen , hongbin , junghyung and many more when top was saying the fact that you became like them he was meaning the kfans turned like knetz , this song hurts so much and it is so relatable especially right now 💔💔

  7. Let this ring in the ears of those who left these beautiful people because of some scandals. When the grass is cut the snakes'll show.


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