Atriss Nightcore: Alan Walker – Fade (Hell Speaker remix)


What is War Robots ?
War Robots is a fun multi-player action game with real-time battles between groups of 6 players! Join the ranks of Steel Warriors!

This is a war of turmoil, robots! Are you ready to face the onslaught of attacks, practice at complex tactical rehearsals and stay awake in front of so many of your competitors’ tricks? Destroy the enemy’s robots, gain all the beacons and upgrade your weapons to increase the combat strength, speed and durability of your fighting robot. Demonstrate yourself in each map and use various tricks and tactics to create explosive triumphs in battle!

– 34 robots fight with different strengths;
– More than 30 weapons, including ballistic missiles, energy and plasma guns. Which weapons will you choose?
– a myriad of possibilities for combining robots and weapons. Create a war machine that fits your game style;
– create their own tribe and lead the tribe to success;
– participate in PvP cheat against enemies from all over the world;
– completed the military service to receive the reward and the title of the Best Handler.

Keep on going! Glory is for you!
Link to Andoird:
Sorry i can’t find the Ios link but i know it is on App Store !


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