9 Twisted Video Game Achievements That Rewarded You For Being A Dick


Nice guys finish last, and with less gamerscore.

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  1. You know what stinks? I've played Far Cry 5 & Far Cry New Dawn many times over every time making no effort whatsoever to hurt any non-cult persons at all. But then you're asked to do things like shoot oncoming prisoner transport vehicle drivers to death as their moving (or shoot the truck to stop it, so you aim straight at the radiator you are directly in line with… and yet…). Every single time, no matter what weapon you use the shot always goes through the skull of the driver or the engine block/head straight into the prisoner in the back of the truck. So how the hell do you rescue them if they die every time you shoot the driver or the truck's engine? It stinks.

  2. In Slime Rancher you can get a achievement called “You…Monster!” You get this achievement by sending a baby chicken to a fiery death.

  3. Came here for the laughs (because Jules is hilarious) and almost cried at the "You matter" speech. Damnit, Jules

  4. Gotta ask: did something happened to a friend/ loved one from a member of the staff? I've seen a few of these "motivational" endings (for a lack of a better therm)

  5. Starwars:the force unleashed 2 also had a lovely trophy in its DLC called "sith kicker" where you must grab and punt 10 ewoks

  6. I love the positive messages Jules puts at the end. They always bring a smile to my face and remind me that I'm not alone. Thank you

  7. Dastardly: Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train.

    Was this possible with a male NPC?

  8. I listen to nearly everyone of your videos just to have some fun and hilarious background noise! And I want to say, Jules what you said at the end of the video really made me stop and listen to what you said. Not here to rant but I wasn’t in the right head space today, but what you said really did make me think again, thanks for throwing that out there in the video.

  9. The Forest has one that always cracked me up: if you build a gazebo, you get the 'You should be looking for Timmy" achievement.

  10. The force unleashed achievement is a subtle reference to the web series Chad Vader from BlameSocietyFilms where the voice actor of Vader in the game is the actor of chad Vader in the show.


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