3D Printing TimeLapse / OctoLapse Compilation On The Creality Ender 3 3D Printer


Another batch of 3d printing timelapses / octolapses hot off the build plate! Enjoy! Have suggestions for models to print? send me a DM on instagram!

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Spring loaded box –
pcb gripper –
kobayashi cube –
castle –
marble kaleidoscope –
Hinged Pi Case –

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A Journey Through The Universe – Lesion X

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  1. Absolutely love your vids ,I've just started trying a time lapse but i keep getting stringing between the print and the corner,any idea what i need to do to fix it.thanks

  2. What is the printer you used to make the little multicoloured fidget cube? I love watching your videos, so jealous of your set up!

  3. Hey. I was wondering if anyone knew the filament from that first box print. It's beautiful and I'd love to print with it

  4. I was a little skeptical about bridging on my Ender 3 Pro, and then I tried it and the bridging was actually pretty good! Don't be afraid to try new things.

  5. Wow. Its freakin unbelievable how this looks. I been trying to octoprint for a while but combination of camera settings, and the biggest is my bed leveling isnt right. I have been failing. Yours looks like animation good. How do u get this clarity?

  6. Hai. .. the heat bed board is damaged with air bubbles which is of stock bed with ender 3 printer.. can someone suggest me please .. for an alternative..

  7. Cool. So instead of buying plastic crap to go into the land fill, you can just make your own plastic crap.
    Oh yeah, and the marble thing was frickin' brilliant.

  8. How did you print those overhangs for the spring open box? I saw that the overhang was slowly spiralized from the outer edges to the middle, so you don't need support material. What slicer/setting allows that to happen? Would love to know!

  9. Hey amazing video. Prints look superb. May I ask what profile you use. As I’m having problems with my Ender 3. Thank you 🙂


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