35 Cancelled XBOX Games


Back with another bumper episode of Cancelled Games. This one took an absolute age to get finished – 35 unreleased original XBOX games.

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Video sources:

Storm Riders, Project Velocity, Technomancer – MegaMoto85

Space Quest – SierraMultimedia

Snake Plissken’s Escape – NeoGamer – The Video Game Archive

True Fantasy Live Online – SilentQix

A.I. The Circuit – PtoPOnline

Seraphim – Dosunceste

Creature Conflict E3 trailer – voltinhas

Creature Conflict Intro – ObliMistrz

City of the Dead – Boulder Dash

Full Throttle: Hell On Wheels – IGN

Call of The Dragonfly, Shining Lore, Jonny Drama, The Y Project, B.C. – Gamespot

The Roots (N-Gage) – ngage.arhn.eu – The N-Gage Video Archive

All other footage from Unseen64

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  1. It's depressing watching these vids Pete 🤣

    So many great ideas that we'll never get to see.

    I love the look of Snakes Escape. That could be a great Max Payne/Dead To Rights style game.

  2. I was looking in the time bar for Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet, only to be let down. That GameCube and PlayStation 2 game was also planned to be released for Xbox, but it was cancelled.

  3. Seeing creature conflict mentioned on an English speaking channel makes me all kinds of uncomfortable. It's like briefly jumping into a different reality.

  4. Yes, the Bible is an adult horror book for sinners and degenerates who will suffer in hell for an eternity. What an insightful observation.

  5. i wonder if true fantasy online would go on to influence their later white knight chronicles games, it seems to be kinda similar.

  6. Wait. So you're saying that Storm Riders Online was developed b-by phoenix g-games.
    Dingo pictures flashbacks
    Distant head bobbing

  7. Space Quest looks pretty good, although i cant see the connection….ah i see.
    a level 5 xbox game.. wow that would have been amazing.
    sooo many stealth game. 🙁 im really not a fan of those, but i know that lots of people love them.
    some interesting games in there for sure!

  8. The Bible has so many stories that would be great in game form. It's a shame that serious attempts are never funded.

  9. Space Quest?! Wow, that's……………………………………………………..the stupidest, most cynical bit of marketing imaginable. "Okay, so our art direction is Rare meets Id – does it look generic when you combine the two? I hadn't noticed. Don't worry, our secret weapon to tie it all together, aesthetically, is also stealing ideas from Capcom."

    "And we're going to put it all together in a PS1 quality platformer for the console with the least number of 3d platforming fans. And to ensure maximum market penetration, we're necromancing the name of a bright and colorful point and click series. There's no way this can go wrong! I'm getting so hard thinking about our humiliating failure! Daddy, you were right to be disappointed in me!"

    Also, that Bible game really captures the spirit of the franchise. Grand scale survival horror/power fantasy where the fate of the planet depends on decoding an ancient text? Amen.

  10. I still can't believe that Full Throttle: Hell On Wheels ever actually existed. Everything about it just seemed so weird! Great video as usual mate.

  11. Really enjoyed that and there was some genuinely interesting ideas to some of them games, especially the “Murdered” type game.
    I have subbed and look forward to seeing more of your content 🙂

  12. I love these videos!… Its mad to think the developers sometimes pour so much time and money into these games and then they never actually make it onto our shelves!..

    Awesome stuff as always mate

  13. Always interesting and a shame to see some of these games.
    Well it’s not like Peter M to promise something and not deliver…🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂🤣
    I’m pretty sure I have a load of info and screen shots in some of the Official Xbox mags.
    Not heard of that game on the Wii either, may look out for it.
    Like the look of that Legend of the sun.
    Snake Pliskin looks very much like the Dead to Rights games, minus the dog.
    Toon Army sounds like it could of been a laugh.
    Duality sounds interesting and looked pretty good.

  14. Epic list of games on this one man, it might seem weird but the one I really want to play is the Jonny Drama game!

  15. Enjoyable as ever mate.

    Some stinkers in there but I would’ve been interested in Jonny Drama and definitely the Snake Pliskin game.

    Merry Christmas bud.

  16. Great video as usual. Aside from B.C the one game i was gutted about was He-Man lol, tho did play it years later on PS2 & realised i didn't miss much.

  17. Should check out the track "The Wolf" by Jedi Mind Tricks, samples that Max Payne music you used for that Hollow game.

  18. wow ! what a waste !
    I would have loved the "cannon fodder 2.5" game ! I'm still amazed that some people can find beta versions "stucked" into developers machines… 😮

  19. Man oh man, there's a ton of stuff here that looked so promising! Why did stuff like Drake of the 99 Dragons actually come out when stuff like these couldn't? Sad.

    This was super long too! I'm surprised you didn't just do, like, 15 in this go and then revisit it with another entry 15 games later, etc. You went a little crazy with this one, lol. A LOT of cool games to take in here. Some I've seen before, a lot I haven't though, but one thing's for sure, I love that they look "distinctly Xbox," y'know?

    I don't know what it was about the generation – maybe it was because the OG Xbox had a more western slant being the US machine versus Japan's PS2, or maybe it was the more PC-focused slant towards developers, maybe it was just the views on what late 90's/early 2000's Microsoft thought was cool — but the Xbox always had a darker, edgier, ostensibly more mature vibe to its library, with a lot of hard sci-fi. You can see that in their original "Raven" tech demo, and with games like Halo (obviously) and its stablemates MechAssault & Brute Force. Looking outside of that, you still got stuff like Doom 3, Gunvalkyrie, Advent Rising, Crimson Sea, Unreal Championship 2 or Dino Crisis 3. Even the cartoony games were edgier on Xbox; Conker, Fuzion Frenzy, Cel Damage, Oddworld, Whacked, etc. Yeah, the XBox was the place for darker, more violent games back then and all – or a lot of (maybe not so much Johnny Drama, lol) – these seem to fit into that niche really nicely. Hell, I distinctly remember seeing games like Duality and Black9 previewed in magazines & demo discs and those also helping to influence/cement the Xbox's image back then. That's kinda crazy that cancelled games could do that, and I'm sure previews of Kehl: Fury Unbound, Y Project, A.I. Circuit, Technomancer and Vultures still added something to the console's reputation for people reading about them at the time. I would've really loved to see Black9, Duality and Kehl come out, man…

    I miss it. I miss the XBox having that distinct personality and library of games with a certain "flavor." Hopefully the Xbox Series X/Scarlet (boy, do I not like that name. How do you refer to it as a singular?) will host some exclusive games that will help re-establish some kind of unique personality for Microsoft's game machine…

  20. i was so hyped for true fantasy live online! it looked so promising! i was sad to hear it was cancelled. still wish they would have released it!

  21. Whatever happened to Activision? They just disappeared lol…. they used to publish Star Trek games.

    Speaking of the original Xbox it has INSANE specs for the era it was like using a nuclear reactor to charge your phone lol

    I always said if I was mega rich like multi billionaire rich I’d buy a game studio and tell them to make games I want to play lol 😂

    I miss Command and Conquer games

  22. Some of these looked like great game's, a shame they fell by the way side.
    Really liked the look of space quest it reminded me a bit of beyond good and evil.
    Kore gang looks great fun also, I was just about to say lost Vikings but you beat me to it 😆.
    Black 9 looks very cool also.
    I want to play snake pliskin 😭.
    Great video mate, really enjoyed this.

  23. You heard of the RC Racer, Re-Volt? The game was released on several systems (PC, PS1, N64, DC, Mobile), but it's originally going to have an XBox port, and a GBC version, too. The Xbox version plays the same as the PC version, but with some minor enhancements, and it holds the accolade as the very first Xbox game to feature live support & voice chat. The GBC version was very elusive, until me & the boys at the Re-Volt Discord discovered AsobiTech, who actually worked on the port, and glad to show screenshots. Apparently, the GBC port was later reused & reskinned as a couple unlicensed games by Datel, which are ATV Racing & Race Time.

  24. you didn't seem aware of this, but that Snake Pliskins escape game, the footage shown was a direct copy and paste of the very first "Dead to Rights" game which was also made by Namco, so either that footage was a lazy fake or the devs used an already finished game to use as a placeholder.


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